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Please note that the Queensland Medical Negligence Solicitors Directory is open to all Australian solicitors and lawyers practicing in the field of clinical negligence in Queensland. To have your business included simply email our offices with your main practice location and contact details and we will include your firm gratis in the listings.

Personal Injury Proceedings Act 2002

The Personal Injury Proceedings Act 2002 (PIPA) passed by the Queensland legislature requires the QLD Legal Services Commissioner to regulate personal injury services which includes advertising for medical negligence compensation claims. Chapter 3 of PIPA restricts the advertising of personal injury services by legal practitioners including solicitors. Website content that is allowed under PIPA on a solicitors own website includes the name and contact details together with information as to the practice areas of that particular law practice and an explanation of the operation of the law of negligence and an individuals legal rights under that law plus the arrangements under which the law practice is prepared to act.. Prohibited content includes self promotion and other statements including the use of the term no win no fee or other variations including no win no pay. A solicitor’s directory is only allowed to show the name and contact details of the law practice together with that firm’s area of practice or speciality.

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